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An easy guide how to install TommyB Tornado Shelters


Tommy B Tornado shelters can be installed in any room that has at least a 6” concrete floor. This could be a garage floor, basement, or first floor if you do not have a basement. The shelters are anchored to the cement using six ½” anchors. Each anchor has a shear strength of 7419 lbs. and a tension strength of 6336lbs. in normal concrete. That’s enough to keep the shelter safely attached to the floor during any tornado. Each anchor needs to be embedded in the floor a minimum of 4” and torqued to 50-60 Ft/Lbs.


Installation step


1) Drill a hole in the concrete at least 1/2" deeper than the wedge anchor embedment using a hammer drill and a correctly sized carbide tipped bit. (Hole size is wedge anchor size).

2) Clean out hole of all debris.

3) Place the nut on the end of the wedge anchor (to protect the threads of the wedge anchor during installation).

4) Hammer the wedge anchor into the hole deep enough so that the threads are below the surface of the base material.

5) Tighten the nut - turning approximately three or four full turns.



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